Seo - Tudou to replace youtube, Baidu vs Google and Youtube vs Tudou

Tudou to replace youtube

China is always trying to replace what US did and revolutionized. The newest one is Tudou that has grown considerably to challenge the likes of We are eager to see the battle. What is Youtube thinking? And more importantly, since the olympics, don’t you think the whole process of China-US cold war have come forward with an alarming rate?

1. The quote was of Wang, head of

2. Tudou is China's answer to

3. Tudou has grown threefold since just last year

4. It now serves 100 million videos a day and garners about 75 million unique users a month.

5. Though only about 5 percent of the videos on the site generate advertising revenue, that’s already better than Youtube's 3 percent figure.

6. Tuduo means couch potato in Chinese language.

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