How to prevent robots from indexing a webpage

Prevent Robots From Indexing a Page in Site

To prevent all robots from indexing a page on your site, place the following meta tag into the section of your page: <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> To allow other robots to index the page on your site, preventing only Google's robots from indexing the page: <meta name="googlebot" content="noindex">   ..

How to create long lived token for facebook

Long lived access token for facebook api

Facebook Access tokens are used to post or to retrieve information from facebook pages using applications in facebook. Normally the access tokens are short lived and it will expire in an hour(60 minutes). To get Long Lived access token for facebook application the following code can be used. grant_type=fb_exchange_token& client_id=your-app-id& client_secret=your-app-secret&fb_exchange_token=short-lived access-token you  ..

How seo will be tomorrow

Future of SEO

SEO will be the permanent strategy for websites in terms internet marketing. 1) People will always go on search for what ever they are in need, in terms of Google, Social Media or any other search mediums. Hence, SEO will obviously help those companies to appear in the relevant search results. 2)  ..

List of basic social networking sites

Social networking site List

Twitter Facebook Linkedin Tuenti Youtube Xing Pinterest Stumbleupon Tumblr Delicious Livejournal Myspace Studivz Hyves Digg Reddit Technorati Chime Ning Meetup Aviary Squidoo Diigo Bizsugar Newsvine Hi5 Friendster Classmates Badoo Skyrock Netlog Wikihow Care2 Plaxo Beat100 Arto Tagged Mylife Gather Blackplanet Apsense Sonico Meetme Myheritage Sunzu Networkingforprofessionals Tribe Biggerpockets Balltribe Pixelgroovy Zorpia   ..

List of mobile advertising networks

What is mobile advertising

What is Mobile Advertising? Mobile advertising is a form of advertisement given via mobile phones. Advertising products / services targeting mobile users. According to recent survey statistics, it is learned that, global mobile advertising market to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 43 percent to € 8.7 billion  ..

Why a mobile website is necessary for business

Change to mobile website Reasons

Your customers are on mobile devices, probably you should have a mobile website that reaches your customers. Recent survey states that, 1) 85% of mobile devices will be web enabled by next year. 2) Mobile search has grown 4x in the past year. 3) 1 in 3 mobile searches have local intent. 4)  ..

Four truths of link building

Four truths behind link building

1) Links from authority sites (e.g. CNN) are worth more than links from average sites (e.g. your cousin’s skating blog). 2) Links from relates sites are worth more than links from unrelated sites. 3) Links with your keyword in the anchor text are worth more that links that say “click here” or  ..

Twitter acquire news aggregator summify

Twitter boots news management capabilities

Twitter has agreed to acquire news aggregator startup Summify to boost its news management capabilities. Summify said in a posting to its site that it would be joining up with the microblogging giant. Founded in Romania, the company has more recently been based in Vancouver, Canada at the Bootup Labs  ..

2012 new rules search optimization

New Year SEO resolutions

Between the multitude of Google s algorithmic updates (including Panda), the introduction of instant search, and the premium placed on quality content; 2011 has been a revolutionary year for SEO. Unfortunately, not everyone s tactics have evolved to match the changes in the industry. Unnecessary and spammy link buying continues, boring  ..

One way link building tips

Steps to build one way link

One way links are very important to get top 10 rankings on search engines. Now Google gives very low importance to reciprocal links as it can easily understand that this has been done just to boost search engine rankings and nothing else. A lot of time people ask me how can  ..

What is link baiting

Tips for Link Baiting

What is Link Baiting? Link baiting is commonly referred to as link buzzing or latest buzz created to attract natural one way backlinks for your webpage. Here are the list of tips that one can follow to acquire natural backlinks: 1) Make a valuable resource (lists, special reports, history of, how to, etc.) 2)  ..

Websites url extension mean to search engine

Should Website's Page URL End With Extension or Not?

Does Google want to see ".html" or ".aspx" at the end of your website's URL's, maybe for search engine optimization (SEO) reasons? Nope - not even a little bit. So, if users don't need them, and if search engines dont need them, why even display them? Good question. If your  ..

What is verbatim searching

Google Introduces Verbatim Searching

What is meant by verbatim searching? Explain what is known as verbatim searching? In response to user requests, Google has added a tool that explicitly searches for exactly and only your search term. This verbatim search removes personalized, corrected, suggested, related, and non-inclusive results. The Verbatim Tool: After conducting any standard search,  ..

Promote websites using facebook

Market your Company

If you intend to drive traffic and promote your website or blog you cannot afford to not have a Facebook presence. Facebook has become the ultimate social network on the Internet, so you absolutely need to have a presence on Facebook and leverage all the value.. Facebook represents the best  ..

Sitemap file with different extension

Add sitemap with different extension

Can a sitemap file have different extension instead of .xml? Yes,it can have. You can use every file name with your sitemap. Google accepts what you submit, 'sitemap.xml' is just a default. So you can go for 'sitemap.php', 'sitemap.asp', 'mysitemap.xhtml' or whatever scripting language you prefer, as long as the content is  ..

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