Love - 30 ways to keep your husband happy, Keep your husband happy

30 ways to keep your husband happy

1. Give him some time to watch his favorite TV show (OK, shows).
2. Invite his friends over for a BBQ.
3. Tell him how much you love the way he touches you.
4. Have dinner ready when he comes home from work. Add candles even if there are kids sitting at the table. It is good for them to watch mom and dad expressing their love.

5. Call him during the day and whisper loving things into the phone.
6. Offer him his favorite drink.
7. Tell him how much you love him. Say "I love you" when you meet and when you say good-bye, even on the phone.

8. Ask him about his day and listen.
9. When you go shopping, ask him if he wants you to get him something.
10. Do not tell him he is a baby when he is sick and has "man cold" (the kind of cold that, if you were to have, would make you feel a bit off, but could easily kill him...). Grown men need attention and being sick is their way of getting it when nothing else seems to work.

11. Tell him he is right sometimes.
12. Buy yourself a sexy outfit. It will make your husband very happy. You are actually buying it as a present for him, as he is the one who will ultimately take it off.

13. Give him a massage.
14. Tell him he smells good.
15. Make him his favorite dish and remember to tell him that you chose the dish especially for him.

16. Wash his car as a surprise (or get the kids to do it for a double bonus).
17. If he is busy and has to miss a TV show that he likes, record it for him.
18. Tell him how much you appreciate his efforts to come home early, to spend time with the kids, to help, etc.

19. Ask him, "Is there anything I can do to help?"
20. Go shopping with him if he wants you to.
21. Get him his favorite after-shave before his old bottle runs out.
22. Smile.
23. Suggest from time to time that he go out with his friends.
24. Keep his photo in your wallet.
25. Make a genuine effort to get along with his mom.
26. Put his trophies in a prominent place and proudly show them to visitors.
27. Send him loving, suggestive emails.
28. Tell him he is the best dad to your kids, more than you could ever ask for.

29. Touch him from time to time. When he is busy, just walk up to him and run your fingers through his hair.

30. Prepare his lunch box for the day.

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