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What is acai fruit

Acai fruit is the fruit of the acai palm, a plant native to Central and South America. It is a green or dark purple seeded fruit about the size of a grape. Acai fruit is a staple of many South American diets and has recently become popular in other countries, in large part because of its many supposed health benefits.

Acai fruit grows in clusters of between 700 and 900 fruits, and there are two crops each year. Though acai fruit is similar in appearance to grapes, it has much less pulp, as about 80% of each fruit is inedible seed. Its flavor is similar to a mixture of wild raspberry and grape.

In Brazil, acai fruit is traditionally eaten in a gourd with tapioca, with sweet or salty flavoring. It is also often served cold in a bowl with granola, and it serves as flavoring for a wide variety of products, from ice cream to juice and soda.

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