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A migraine is a painful and severe headache which is often accompanied byvomiting, nausea, blind spots, flashes of light and sensitivity to sound and light. Migraine pain can sometimes last for days. Migraines can affect digestion and reduce blood circulation, which can lead to cold feet and hands. Greater than 28 million Americans are victims of migraine headaches. This condition affects women more.

Causes of Migraines
Migraines can be triggered by the following causes:

* Allergic reactions and allergies
* Certain perfumes and odors, loud noises and bright lights
* Emotional and physical stress
* Irregular sleep and lack of quality sleep
* Smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke
* Fasting or skipping meals
* Excess alcohol intake
* Birth control medications, menstrual cycle fluctuations and hormone fluctuations during the onset of menopause
* Headaches caused by tension
* Foods with tyramine (certain beans, figs, chicken livers, smoked fish, aged cheese, red wine), foods containing nitrates (salami, hot dogs and bacon) and food items with monosodium glutamate (MSG).
* Other foods that can trigger migraines include pickled or fermented foods, dairy products, onions, citrus, banana, avocado, peanut butter, nuts and chocolate.

Symptoms of Migraines
Symptoms can occur before, during or after the headache. Common symptoms include:

* Pain in one part of the head
* Throbbing and pulsing head pain
* The pain increases during physical activities
* The head pain makes it difficult to do regular activities
* Vomiting
* Nausea
* Increased sensitivity to sound and light

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