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Hairfall solution treatments straightening

Chemical treatments, pollution and even blow-drying and straightening really damage hair and cause hairfall, making it one of the most common problems faced today. But that doesn't mean it's normal or that it should happen to everyone.
Let us understand what damages hair and how you can prevent hairfall.

From the Outside:

Pollution: Pollution affects the entire body, which means it also affects hair. If hair is damaged and not well protected, dirt, dust and harmful gases can cause scalp irritation and can weaken hair making it look lifeless and dull.
Using a protective serum after you shampoo and condition your hair will make it look healthier and creates a protective coating on your hair.

Excessive Heat: Blow-drying, straightening and even washing your hair with very hot water can really damage the hair cuticle. Excessive heat dries hair and steals natural moisture on the scalp and on your hair. This not only damages the hair shaft but affects it from the roots making it brittle and easy to break.
Allow your hair dry naturally. Drying it on a low heat setting helps too. Remember to use a protective cream before you blow-dry. There are many expert cremes available in the market to give you protection and your desired look. (See Beauty Kit below for some expert products)

Chemicals: Chemical treatments like permanent straightening or colouring will make your hair look good for a few months but these chemicals damage the hair from the inside out. You hair will start falling or you might feel some irritation on your scalp. Once the effects of the treatment wear off you will notice that your hair has become dry, lifeless and unmanageable.
There are many mild shampoos and conditioners for coloured or chemically treated hair. Ones that are 'sulfate-free' react less with your hair and the colour.

Combing and brushing: Combing and brushing hair cause a lot of damage and breakage. Most people only notice hairfall while combing or brushing their hair. Hair that is damaged snags on to other hairs and gets knotted. If even a little excessive pressure is used to comb hair, these hairs get caught into each other and break.
Using a wide toothed comb on towel-dried or completely dried hair is the best way to prevent damage by combing. The best way to comb is to start at the bottom and work your way to the top, inch by inch. Applying a detangling serum or lotion lubricates the hairs so that they don't snag and break.

Dandruff: Dandruff occurs for two reasons: 1. Your scalp is either dry because of chemicals in your shampoo or dry weather. 2. Humidity and keeping your hair tied is allowing harmful bacteria to cause irritation on your scalp. Either way, this irritation removes hair from its roots and also damages growing hair.
Try switching to a moisturising shampoo and conditioner or using an anti-dandruff range. It takes a few washes to get rid of dandruff so washing every alternate day or after 2 days is recommended. This will allow your natural oils to fight the dandruff too.

On the Inside:
It's very simple. If you don't eat healthy, your body won't be healthy, and it shows. Same goes for your hair. If you don't consume moisture rich foods and the right amount of Vitamins and minerals daily, your hair will start losing strength and shine.

Drinking lots of water (at least 2-3 litres a day) and eating fruits and vegetables give you vitamins, fibre and minerals that help keep the body in shape and your hair too.

Keep these few things in mind everyday and look gorgeous, the Be Beautiful way!

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