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Glucose tolerance test

Oral glucose challenge test(OGCT)

Glucose is sugar and this screening test shows how much sugar your body can break down in one hour. You drink a liquid that contains certain amount of glucose. After an hour your blood is tested. If your blood sugar is above a certain level then you have a OGTT.

Oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT)

This diagnostic test for diabetes is caled the 2-hour glucose tolerance test. About 75% of women who have high OGCT go on to have a normal OGTT. This test shows how much sugar your body can breakdown in two hours. You donot eat for 8 hours before you have the first blood test, you drink the liquid glucose and then your blood is tested again after 1 and then 2 hours.

About 6 in 100 women have high bood sugar levels on both the tests and these women are said to have gestational diabetes.

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