A slug has four nose

Slugs has 4 noses

A slug has four noses   ..

Rat can produce 100 babies

Mouse can produce 100 rats

One female mouse can produce up to 100 babies a year. Its relieving that humans can produce just 1 max.   ..

Alligator can go through 3000 teeth in a lifetime

Alligator teeth continue to be replaced by newer ones.

An alligator can go through 3,000 teeth in a lifetime. Alligator teeth continue to be replaced by newer ones. New teeth are replaced every two years. Teeth in the front are replaced more often than teeth to the rear of the mouth. Alligator teeth are hollow An alligator has about 80  ..

Which is the bird that cannot fly kiwi

Bird that dont have wings

The New Zealand Kiwi bird cannot fly. The don't have any wings.   ..

Cheetah worlds fastest land animal

Cheetah run at speed of 70 miles per hour

The cheetah is the world's fastest land animal. They can run at a speed of 70 miles per hour.   ..

Elephant cant jump

Facts about elephant

Elephant is the only one animal that can't jump. Elephants are widely found in Asia and Africa. It is a beautiful animal.   ..

Alphabets which sound as words

Common chat letters used

Alphabets which sound as words and these words are often used while the users chat B => Bee C => Sea, see D => The G => Zee I => Eye Q => Queue R => Are S => Yes T => Tea U => You Y => Why   ..


Try this

Try these two steps it will be an uncontrollable emotion 1 When you are sitting just lift your right foot from the floor and make clockwise rotations 2 While doing this draw number 6 in the air with your right hand, automatically your foot will change direction   ..

Tax system in india

Do you have Staff

1) Qus. : What are you doing? Ans. : Business. Tax : PAY PROFESSIONAL TAX! 2) Qus. : What are you doing in Business? Ans. : Selling the Goods. Tax : PAY SALES TAX!! 3) Qus. : From where are you getting Goods? Ans. : From other State/Abroad Tax : PAY CENTRAL SALES TAX, CUSTOM DUTY &  ..

Return key on keyboard

Return key is the enter key

Return key is the enter key, sometimes it's called as the return key. It is located above the 'shift' key on the right hand side. Return key usually performs the same function as the enter key, but in some applications (mainly page layout, word processing and in typewriting) it is the  ..

Romantic sms message

Short Message Service Hidden meassage

Can v do romance in the evening today? I'm in a good mood Just a little bit of kissing and biting reply me soon! Urs lovingly, :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: "MOSQUITO"   ..

Mr bean jokes comedy

Dictation test

Mr.Bean Mr.Bean gives dictation test for students. Last bench student saya we are not able to hear sir.. Mr.Bean said ok i'll 'WRITE' on board.   ..

They dont really care about us michael jackson

All I wanna say is that they dony care

Skin head, dead head Everybody gone bad Situation, aggravation Everybody allegation In the suite, on the news Everybody dog food Bang bang, shot dead Everybody's gone mad All I wanna say is that They don't really care about us All I wanna say is that They don't really care about us Beat me, hate me You can never break me Will me, thrill me You  ..

Steller sea lions

Eumetopias Jubatus

Sea Lions (Steller) Scientific Name: Eumetopias Jubatus Family: Otariidae Class: Marine Mammal Facts about Sea Lions: The Steller sea lion is the largest member of the Otariidae (eared seal) family. Steller's sea lions inhabit the cooler waters of the North Pacific. They are divided into two stocks - the western population (Gulf  ..

Prime number

Largest prime number

Prime Number Interesting Numbers The largest prime number is 9,808,358 digits long; more than the number of atoms in the universe. Another sensationalist maths fact says: 2 and 5 are the only primes that end in 2 or 5. That is true for all decimal numbers for all known primes!   ..

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