Find the 9 digit number iq

Puzzle on numbers

Puzzle on numbers - Find the 9 digit number This is a math puzzle on numbers. Question Arrange the digits from 1 to 9 to make a 9-digit number ABCDEFGHI which satisfies the following conditions: 1) AB is divisible by 2. 2) ABC is divisible by 3. 3) ABCD is divisible by 4. 4) ABCDE is  ..

Rii piercing navel


Rii [Piercing Navel] Piercing have become popular now a days. You can see the piercing video - Rii [Piercing Navel].   ..

Ju ju lollu sabha comedy vijay tv

Lollu sabha comedy vijay tv

JU JU lollu sabha comedy vijay tv Lollu sabha vijay tv's one of the successful program. JU JU lollu sabha comedy.   ..

Principles to follow by dale carnegie

Motivate Yourself

Simple steps to be followed in your day to day life. Principles to Follow Just For Today, I Will Not Be Angry.Just For Today, I Will Not Worry.Just For Today,I Will Do My Work Honestly.Just For Today, I Will Be Kind To My Neighbours And Every Living Beings.Just For Today I Will  ..

Tips to build your self esteem image

Building self esteem and self confidence

Each and every one want to be recognized and respected in their organization and by their colleague. Before getting it you have to give. It is just give and take policy. Follow the below steps to build your Self Esteem to build self confidence which is the key to happiness  ..

Human resource twelve ways to make people think in your way

Make peoples love you dale carnegie

In HR it is very difficult to manage each and every people. The below steps may help you to make peoples think in your way. TWELVE WAYS TO MAKE PEOPLE THINK IN YOUR WAY 1. Show Respect For Other Persons Opinions. 2. Never Tell A Man He Is Wrong. 3. The Only  ..

Human resource people management dale carnegie

Nine ways to make people like you

Golden principles of Dale Carnegie - Nine ways to make people like you Today most of the HR focus on people management. If the people wants listen to you then the peoples must like you. When there is a lot of employees no CEO or managers can go to them talk,  ..

Oath india engineering college degree

OATH Taken by Engineers degree certificate

OATH while getting degree certificate The below is the OATH taken by college student while getting their degree or professional certificate. "We shall, in thought, word and deed ever endeavor to be scrupulously honest in the discharge of our duties in our profession and shall uphold the dignity and integrity of our  ..

Airtel happy holidays advertisement

Airtel Commercial Ad

Airtel Happy Holidays Commercial Advertisement The naughty boy distributes his dad's numbet to all his friends. Very nice ad.   ..

World builder award winning short film

Tele film wordbuilder

Award winning short film word builder The word builder is an award winning short film which was created by filmmaker Bruce Branit, widely known as the co-creator of '405'. The short film World Builder was shot in a single day followed by about 2 years of post production. Branit is the  ..

Begger made girl friend

Bhikari hokar bhi GF banali

Begger - Made Girl friend Bhikari hokar bhi GF banali? Beggar: Saab 12 Rs do na coffee peeni hai. Man: Lekin coffee to 6 Rs ki hai? Beggar: Par saab girlfrend bhi to hai. Man: Bhikari hokar bhi GF banali? Beggar: Na saab,GF ne Bhikari bana diya! Beggar: Sir, Please give me Rs.12 for coffee. Man: But the  ..

Iq question and answers by indian ias officers

Intelligent Question and Answers

Intelligent Questions and Intelligent Answers by IAS officers Q.How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it? A.Concrete floors are very hard to crack! (UPSC Topper) Q.If it took eight men ten hours to build a wall, how long would it take four men to build it? A. No time  ..

James blunt your beautiful music video

Fun Video by James Blunt

James blunt your beautiful music video This is a Literal Video Version, It is just for fun, watch the video and sing along with it. Have a fun day guys.   ..

Diego armando maradonna dribble and soccer skills video

Maradona Football tricks

Diego Maradonna Argentina Soccer Tricks Video Maradonna best unforgettable player of Argentina. He has his own style of tricks and methods to score goals. Watch the video to know his soccer skills and football tricks, who converted unfavorable conditions to his favorable and won the the World CUP for Argentina.   ..

67 is a magic number

Magical numbers

magic Number 67 is a magic number,try it Last two digits( Last two digits (Number Given x 67) x 3 ) = Last two digits(Number Given) Example: Number 23 23 x 67 = 1541 , 41 x 3 = 123 = 23 Number 99 99 x 67 = 6633, 33 x 3 = 99 Number 8789 8789 x 67  ..

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