Seo - Websites url extension mean to search engine, Should Website's Page URL End With Extension or Not?

Websites url extension mean to search engine

Does Google want to see ".html" or ".aspx" at the end of your website's URL's, maybe for search engine optimization (SEO) reasons? Nope - not even a little bit. So, if users don't need them, and if search engines dont need them, why even display them? Good question.

If your website has URL extensions, you will know what I am talking about- the ".html" or ".php" or ".aspx" at the end of the URLs). Like this:

Which extension your site uses is dependent on the programming language used to build your site. For the purposes of this discussion, however, it doesn't matter which extension you use, they're all unnecessary from a search engine perspective.

I would even go so far as to argue that, from a user perspective, they're more than just unnecessary - they're an outright hindrance. You want people to remember page addresses, and link to them later, right? Occasionally people have to do that from memory. So, what's easier to remember - the URL's above with extensions, or this one:

Shorter generally means easier to remember. Plus, you have eliminated a few characters at the end that are basically meaningless to most people. This example increases the chance that someone is going to correctly remember your web page's address.

Matt Cutts, one of the most famous search engine experts on the planet (partly because he works for Google) has written blog posts on related topics himself, saying: "I would opt for personally instead of It is easier for users to remember and to type in, so people linking naturally are more likely to link to the page without the index.asp."

In Matts example he is talking about whether to display "/index.asp" when visitors view your home page - so the issue is a little different than what I described above. But his reasoning for the suggestion, "Its easier for users," is what a great number of his recommendations are tied to - usability. Because the algorithm Google uses to rank websites is in many ways just trying to measure which web pages are most relevant, accessible, and usable, I always recommend you use no extensions on your websites URLs.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the

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