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How the design web page layout

1. Page size

Because of page size and display size and resolution, there is the relationship between the limitations of web pages is that you can not display the scope of a breakthrough, but also because the browser will take up a lot of space, leaving the scope of your page is becoming smaller and smaller . Ordinary resolution at 800x600, the page display size: 780x428 pixel; resolution at 640x480, the page display size: 620X311 pixels or above; at 1024X768 resolution, the page display size: 1007x600. From the above data we can see that the higher the resolution the bigger the page size.

Browser toolbar is also the reason the impact of page size. General the current browser's toolbar can be canceled or increase, then when you show all of the Toolbar, and turn off all the toolbars, the page size is not the same.

At Web Design process, dragging down the page are only adding more content to the web page (size) method. But I would like to remind everyone unless you are sure that the content of sites to attract U.S. drag, or else not to drag the page to allow visitors to more than three screens. If you need to display the same page more than three-screen content, then you'd better be at the top做上internal page for easy browsing visitors.

2. The overall shape

What is modeling, modeling is to create objects out of the image. Here refers to the overall image of the page, this image should be a whole, graphics and text should be stacked in an orderly bonding. Although the display and the browser are rectangular, but for page design, you can make full use of the natural world in other shapes as well as their combination: rectangular, circular, triangular, diamond and so on.

For different shapes, meaning they represent is different. Such as rectangle represents the formal, rules, you noticed a lot of ICP and the government's website are of rectangular shape as a whole; circular table with a soft, unity, warmth, security and so on, lot of fashion sites to enjoy a circular shape for the whole page; triangles represent the strength, authority, firm, and aggression and so on, many large-scale commercial site to show its authority often triangular shape for the whole page; diamond represents a balance, coordination, fairness, some friends sites often use diamond as the overall page design . Although the table of different shapes with different meaning, but the majority of web pages produced are bonding more than graphics to design some graphics in this one of the composition ratio may account for some of the many.

3. Page header

Also known as the first page header, the header is to define the role of topic pages. Such as the name of the majority of a site are displayed in the header Lane. In this way, visitors can quickly know what the contents of this site. The first page are the key to the design of the entire page, it will involve the following additional design and coordination of the entire page. Often placed on page header picture site name and company logo and banner ads.

4. Text

Appear in the text on the page are a few to line or block (paragraph) appear, they who decide the location of the visibility of the entire page layout. Page produced in the past because of technical limitations, the text placed the flexibility of a very small, and with the rise of DHTML, text can be in accordance with their own demands placed anywhere on the page.

5. Footer

Page footer and the first echoes. Pages are placed first place the subject site, and the footer are the producers or companies to place information of places. You can see, many of the production of information are placed in the footer.

6. Photos

Photos and text are pages constitute the two major elements, but one can not. How to deal with a good picture and text the location became the key to the entire page layout. And you thought the layout would also be reflected here.

7. Multimedia

In addition to text and picture, as well as sound, animation, video and so on other media. Although they are not often be used, but with the rise of dynamic pages, they will also be on the page layout more important

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