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H1 to h6 tags

Put .CSS and JavaScript into external files

For a search engine, improperly formatted code will have a negative impact on your rankings. Since search engines read only a certain amount of information on a web page, you should try to increase the text content to HTML tag ratio.

If you have too much HTML code, the text content won't be seen entirely. For reducing HTML code, utilize hand coding using external .css files and Javascript.

Folders, Paths, and File Names

The keyword rich theory also applies. Folders and file names should be short, descriptive, and easy to read. This allows searchers to see the bolded, relevant words in the search engine results - from your domain name down to the actual HTML file name.

Keep the path shallow - do not bury your web pages too deep. A rule of thumb is if the users has to click more than three times to see the information they are looking for, it is buried too deep.

Another tip is to separate keywords with a hyphen or underscore to make reading them much easier - this works really well in domain or file names.

H1 to H6 Tags

Searchers scan before reading text.
For one main reason. Bold headings point out what is on the page.
If the headings do not have any of the keywords or subject that the searcher is looking for, they will leave the site and go back to their search results.

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