How to pick random element from array

Function array_rand

array_rand => Pick one or more random entries out of an array This function can be used to fetch one or more elements from an array in php. Example: <?php $a = array(1,2,3,4,5); $result = array_rand($a); echo $result; ?> This will chose a random number from the array $a. To chose more than one random element from array we  ..

to sort the arrays at one use

Array_multisort function

We can sort multiple arrays based on the values of the first array at once using array_multisort function. Example: $a = array(c,a,d,b); $b = array(5,3,2,7); To sort the arrays at one use array_multisort($a, $b); If you want array be to be sorted in ascending / descending order just use the optional args SORT_DESC, SORT_ASC. We also have  ..

List files and directories in a folder

Scandir using php code

we can list files and directories inside a folder or file path using the function scandir scandir - List files and directories inside the specified path Returns an array of files and directories from the directory . $dir = "./temp"; $files = scandir($dir); print_r($files); Example output Array ( [0] => . [1] => .. [2] => filename1 [3] => filename2 )   ..

How to parse a url using php

How to get domain name from url

parse_url - Parse a URL and return its components. If we want the domain name or protocol or arguments from the url, we can just simply use parse url function in php. Parse_url takes url as argument and returns scheme - e.g. http host port user pass path query - after the  ..

Define constant variable in php

Php constant variable

The PHP constant is very similar to a PHP variable in that it is used to store a value but, unlike a variable, the value cannot be changed. As the name indicates, the variable will be constant through out the programs life cycle. We can use the function define to declare and  ..

Check for syntax error in php files

Find error in php file

The below command will scan folder to check syntax error in php files # find . -name "*.php" -exec php -l {} \;   ..

Xml dom function php4 and php5

Difference between XML DOM function

The following are the difference between XML DOM functions in PHP 4 and PHP 5. 1)Create new XML document PHP 4: domxml_new_doc('1.0'); PHP 5: new DomDocument('1.0'); 2)create element PHP 4:$doc->create_element('root'); PHP 5:$doc->createElement('root'); 3)Append child PHP 4:$doc->append_child($ch); PHP 5:$doc->appendChild($ch); 4)Create text node PHP 4:$doc->create_text_node($fieldvalue); PHP 5:$doc->createTextNode($fieldvalue); 5)Set Attribute PHP 4:$child->set_attribute('attr1', 'attrval1'); PHP 5:$child->setAttribute('attr1', 'attrval1'); 6)Get completed XML document PHP 4:$doc->dump_mem(true); PHP 5:$doc->saveXML();   ..

Captcha code

CAPTCHA Image Code

CAPTCHA - Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers & Human Apart. How Captcha is used? Captcha is used as a image recognition tool to get rid of spammers and robot(bot). Only the human can do these image recognition and robots cant recognise these images. So this type of human authentication  ..

How to comment multiple lines in php

How to block a code

You can comment single and multiple lines in php in different formats. <?php echo "Good Morning"; // This is to comment a single line # This is a comment a single line /*   ..

What is cross site scripting

Script validation

Cross-Site Scripting What is Cross Site Scripting? Cross-Site Scripting is when a visitor is able to input html/javascript code inito a website and have it display this code. Common Causes When text input is not properly checked for html/javascript tags and is displayed directly to a browser. Examples and their exploits Example 1 (code):   ..

Steps to install imagemagick

Php imagemagick installation steps

How to install imagemagick on my linux server You would need imagemagick module in php, when you are working with videos and images. The below steps will give you a brief description on installing imagemagick on your server. 1.) mkdir /home/cpimins 2.) cd /home/cpimins 3.) wget   ..

Validate email id

Php script to validate email address

Simple php script to validate email id The below code is a simple script to validate the email address. The script will check the username, and domain name and the domain list. function fnValidateEmail($varEmail) { if(eregi("^[_a-z0-9-]+(\.[_a-z0-9-]+)*@[a-z0-9-]+(\.[a-z0-9-]+)*(\.[a-z]{2,3})$", $varEmail)) return(true); else return(false); }   ..

How to create a directory using php code

Create folder php code

php code to create a directory Use mkdir() to create a directory in a php. Specify the path where you would like to create a directory or a folder. Syntax to create a directory: mkdir(path); Example: $path = '/home/w3calc/'; @mkdir($path); //will create a directory in the specified  ..

How to use php cookies

Create and use cookies values

How to use php cookies Cookies allow the webmaster to store information about the site visitor on their computer to be accessed again the next time they visit. One common use of cookies is to store your username and password on your computer so you don't need to login again each  ..

Function to check leap year

How to check leap year ot not

How to check leap year ot not The following php function will check whether the given year is a leap year or not. <?php function isLeap($yr) { echo $yr, ': ', (date('L', strtotime("$yr-01-01")) ? 'is Leap Year' : 'is not leap year'), ''; } ?> The above function will say the argument passed to the isLeap function  ..

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