Love - Sms dont avoid me, Opposite of LOVE is not avoid

Sms dont avoid me

The opposite of LOVE is not HATE but to AVOID. Shakespeare says If u dont love me then hate me but plz dont avoid me.. I Love U dear

Love is giving someone the ability to break your heart but trusting them not to


Girls always complain how guys never know what they want. "He wants a girl with this, he wants a girl that looks like that, i have to look like this, he wants a girl that acts like this or that etc." Girls are like that too. Not to offend anyone but they say one thing and play all these games. Why? She told me that she loved me and now i can't even get her to sit down and talk to me seriously. I know what she's going through but i'm not a toy. You can't sit me on the shelf for when you're ready for me. I love you but i need to know what's going on. I'm not gonna front, guys are jerks but we do have feelings (at least the ones who actually care). I gave up on my recent relationship because my X told me she wanted me and loved me and when i became single for her things got weird. I don't know what you want. I guess what i'm tryna say is girls don't know what they want either. And that i still love her....

Islam on Love..

I have the power.
I have the victory.
I have the prosperity.
I have the happiness.
I have the success.
I have all that
what you want.
you need me & I need you.
If you love me.
Everybody will love you.
If you avoid me,
You will be ruined soon...
My name is "NAMAZ"

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