Love - Man women boot your romance, Romancing tips to boost your married life

Man women boot your romance

- Try a change of scenery. Rent a hotel room for a night, light candles and try massage oils. Even pop in a video and see who gets aroused first.

- Slow things down. Yes, we get engrossed in our everyday lives but spending time with each other does not mean rushing through sex to get it over with. Linger a little and make it last.

- Always compliment your partner. Tell him or her how much you appreciate them, how good they look or how good the act was. Positivity can ignite passion as well.

- Leave the lights on. Try using a mirror. Take a shower together. Explore others ways to increase the intimacy levels.

- Don't be afraid to try new things in the bedroom. You don’t eat the same food everyday so why stick with the same positions always? Pick a new position and try it out. You may surprise your partner and yourself.

- You need to make sure that your bedroom is a comfortable place. Ensure a romantic setting. Poor lighting and too much clutter can make it hard to concentrate.

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