Linux - What is dev null, Devnull is a software device

What is dev null

what do you mean /dev/null in linx operating system?

/dev/null - is a software device

At times it might be necessary for you to ignore the output of a command which you execute you executed.

This can be done by adding "> /dev/null 2>&1" at the end of a command.

The above commnad redirects the output and error message to "/dev/null", which means you dosen't care about the output or error message. TO kno more abote this we must understand the file descriptor. The below will give you the idea about file descriptor.
File descriptor - 0 STDIN
File descriptor - 1 STDOUT
File descriptor - 2 STDERR

Redirect error messages from command to file.
 command 2> filename

Append error messages from command to file
 command 2>> filename

Redirect output and error messages to file.
 command &> filename

Redirect output and error messages to the less cmd
 command 2>&1 | less 
In the above command we have redirect STDERR to STDOUT and then forward STDOUT over a pipe. If we simply redirected STDERR to 1, This would redirect to a file called "1" rather than to a file descriptor 1(STDOUT). Prepend the '&' character to the destination number specifies that it is a file descriptor.

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