Linux - Important plesk file paths, Plesk documents

Important plesk file paths

Important paths on plesk.

The below are the some of the most used plesk path and plesk files for configuration.

1) Document root for domain.

2) path to php.ini



3) maillog path:

4) Domain Error log path

5) Domain access log path

6) Domain backup path

7) Path of the domain email account

8) Check EMails in mail queue :

9) Path to mysql database:

10) Plesk named file path

11) The other logs can be found in the below mentioned folder

12) Document root for domain with ssl.

13) The Redirect conditions can be put in this file.

14) Httpd file for the domain

15) cgi-bin path

16) Sub-Domain path

17) Domain backups

18) Domain logs

These are some of the most used plesk paths by me and some of my friends who works as admin, hope it will be helpful for you.

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