Linux - How to install apf firewall, APF Firewall Configuration

How to install apf firewall

How to install APF Firewall and config it

APF Firewall basic installation and Configuration

The below steps will explain you how to install and configure the APF firewall. Dowload the advaced filewall and follow the steps to configure APF.

1) Untar the downloaded apf package
    # tar -zxvf apf.tar.gz
2) Now go to the directory where you uncompressed all files
    # Run ./
3) Edit the conf.apf file in /etc/apf
    - Include all the open ports in TCP

    - Include port 53 in UDP port 
4) Restart the apf service
    # /etc/init.d/apf restart

5) You can log into another session to check

6) Once verified you can change the DEVM = "1" to DEVM = "0" in conf.apf
( You are disabling this mode by setting it to 0 to avoid the initiation of cron)

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