Svn download a specific version of file

SVN download particular revision

SVN: Download a specific version or revision of file Command to download a specific version or revision of a file from the server repository # svn co filename.txt -r 1 The above command will download version 1 of filname.txt file SVN is a version control, from which we can check-in  ..

How to get firmware serial number hardware info

Linux find hardware details

I was searching on internet to find hardware details of my linux server. I made this handy commands, so that it can be used to find the firmware version, servers serial number and hardware information of a server. FInd ethernet driver, driver version, firmware version # /sbin/ethtool -i eth0 OUTPUT: driver: bnx2   ..

Usermod home directory copy and change

Change and copy users home directory

The default home directory for creating a user is /home # HOME=/home Change and copy users home directory # usermod -m -d /path/to/new/home/dir userNameHere Some time we would like to change users home directory, where a user is alredy created. If the user have already start using the home directory and if  ..

Error while compiling c program uuid

Missing uuid or uuid.h in redhat

When I was working with the deployment team today to install some c++ modules. We tried to run the command 'make' and it told us that it could not find uuid.h. This happened on a redhat 5.5 or redhat 6 operating system. When I did the deployment on the ubuntu  ..

How to find cpu information from proc

Find server model and processor used

How to find load averace from /proc virtual filesystem? How to find number Server model? How to find how many number of processor is added in linux server? Linux command to find load average from /proc # cat /proc/loadavg 0.09 0.06 0.06 1/176 30622 Linux command to find the Server model # cat /proc/cpuinfo  ..

Xampp import file size increase limit

Increase upload_max_filesize to import file

When you try to import files fore than 10 MB, the xampp will not allow you to import such database or it will allow to upload more than 10MB. To increase the upload or import option you have to edit php.ini option. Step 1: In terminal, # vi /opt/lampp/etc/php.ini Step 2: To  ..

View exim mail body message

How to view the message locked in queue

Most of the linux servers use, exim mail server. In exim mail server how to view the message locked in queue? You can view the exim mail queue by using the below command. Command to view message body # exim -Mvb Command to view message header # exim -Mvh   ..

Traffic shaper tc command example

Tc command example

To check if there is no traffic shaper run the command tc class show dev eth0 # tc class show dev eth0 If there is no output the traffic shaper is disabled. How to stop traffic shaper in paralles # service vz shaperoff tc command helps you to shape or control, HTTP Outgoing  ..

Yum hangs at running transaction test

Error - Running Transaction Test

When I was running trying to install or update a new package through yum, YUM was getting hang or the yum enters into sleep state with out installing the package. The yum program hungs when it was executing Transaction Test. How to resolve this running transaction test error. yum command works  ..

Find voltage consumed by laptop

How Many Volt Consumed by linux laptop

In linux you can find, how many voltage is consumed by your laptop, Goto /proc/acpi/battery directory and go to directory name based on your battery type (i.e. C1AC) # cd /proc/acpi/battery/C1AC Cat the content of state file and grep only the voltage # cat state | grep "present voltage" Now you will  ..

Find biggest file in var log

How to find top ten biggest files

How to find top ten biggest file in a directory or sub directories? Dealing with log files are critical always, In production server you will be getting problems when the log makes your filesystem full. Command to find top ten biggest file # find /var/log -type f -print0 | xargs -0  ..

Top command to list specific process

Monitor all the process with specific name

As a linux admin we will monitor only a specific process with specific name. Normally system admins use ps, pgrep command to find the process using particular command. In such situation to grep the process with specific name you can use the top command along with pgrep to grep only  ..

Post check beep codes

POST errors and beep codes

When you turn the computer on, it performs Power On System Test (POST), during which it checks and initializes the systems internal components. If a serious error occurs, the computer does not display a message but emits a series of long and short beeps instead. Beeps are your computers way  ..

How to protect yourself from hackers

Protecting username and password

Considering about the recent deadly attacks in Cyber Space thought to share few Anti Hack Tips with you so that you may safely and happily surf Internet from your home place.Here is an in-detail thread about self-protection from all the intrusions, hack attempts, rats, keylogging, stealing etc.The basic idea is  ..

Script to kill deleted files lsof

How to kill hundreds of deleted files

Some time your log filesystem might seem to get full, but actually some of the deleted files might be holding the disk space. in general you can kill the PID's if there is one or two deleted files. When there is more than hundreds of deleted files and you have  ..

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