How to find ip address on unix linux

Locate my IP Address

In a terminal window, use the ifconfig command to find the ip address in linux machine. # /usr/sbin/ifconfig -a The ifconfig command will help you to find the IPAddress of your linux or unix machine.   ..

How to find ip address on macintosh os x

Find IP on Mac 10

The below steps will help you to find IP address on Mac X or Macintosh OS version 10. 1. Open the System Preferences application 2. Click the Network icon 3. In the Show: drop down, select Network Status 4. Look for the Built-in Ethernet item, or other applicable network interface 5. The IP address is  ..

How to find ip address on macintosh machine

Read Macintosh IP Address

The following will always work for fixed-IP-address machines (i.e., ethernet or "premium" dialup); they will work for normal "dynamically-assigned IP address" dialup machines only while the connection is running. (Shortcut) If you are using NCSA Telnet: 1. Choose Show Network Numbers from the Network menu, OR 2. When you type a command requiring  ..

How to find ip address on iphone

Find IP Address on apple phone

You can can the IP address on a iPhone by using the below steps. 1. Click to select Settings from your SpringBoard 2. Click to select Wi-Fi from the Settings menu. 3. Click to select your network. Then next to your network name press the blue circle with the arrow in it. 4. You  ..

How to see cricket score from command line

Unix command to watch cricket

You can watch the cricket score from command line. wget --quiet -O - | sed -e s/l1/Match/ -e s/l2/BattingTeam/ -e s/message/Score/ -e s/tagline/Batsman/ | grep -v "^interval" | grep -v "^ver" The above command will read the cricket score from the following text file and will print the result(   ..

How to use vim editor navigation commands

Vi Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Go to the first line gg or 1 shift g or :0 (zero) Enter 2. Go to the last line. Shift g or :$ Enter 3. Go to line 8 8 shift g 4. To scroll down one screen Ctrl f 5. To scroll up one screen Ctrl  ..

How to config vi editor to show line numbers

Vim Text Editor hide line numbers

To display line numbers of a file in vi text editor, type any one of the following command in vim editor :set number :set nu To turn off line number again enter the same command: :set nu! If you need number every time you start vi or vim editor,  ..

Vi commands to copy paste delete and all edit options

How to undo and redo in vi editor

Vim offer several functionalities that improve your editing. 1. Copying a whole line yy or shift y or :ny where n is the number of line if n is not specified then copy the current line 2. Copying from current position to end of line. y$ 3. Copying 3 lines after the  ..

Most used offline email client linux mac and windows

About Email clients

The following are top five amazing piece of cross-platform software from various projects to make your life easy with wide variety of plug-ins / add-ons. 1.Mozilla Thunderbird It is an e-mail and news cross-platform client software package by Mozilla Foundation. Thunderbird can manage multiple e-mail, newsgroup and RSS accounts and supports multiple  ..

Count and number lines of output

Count process line numbers

Count and number lines of output, useful for counting number of matches # ps aux | grep [h]ttpd | cat -n You can also use nl command instead of cat-n  ..

Squid video cache on proxy server

Cache videos on proxy

By default the Squid server does not cache video files in the local memory. Consider that you a in a network of 100 users and all access the same video files from or any other website, then it is will increase your bandwidth of your internet connection. The solution to  ..

Command to play audio songs

Play Music Files

Play the first track from a audio CD. # cdplay play 1 Get a free coffee cup holder (Eject the CD ROM tray). # eject Play a wave file. # play my_file.wav Play an mp3 file. # mpg123 my_file.mp3 Create a wave audio file from an mp3 audio file.   ..

Essential shortcuts or commands

Simple shortcut commands

<Ctrl><Alt><F1> Switch to the first text terminal. Under Linux you can have several (6 in standard setup) terminals opened at the same time. <Ctrl><Alt><Fn> (n=1..6) Switch to the nth text terminal. tty Print the name of the terminal in which you are typing this command. <Ctrl><Alt><F7> Switch to the first GUI terminal (if X-windows is running on  ..

Command to extarct or uncompress files

Untar or Decompress files and Folders

How to uncompress or extract the compressed files or zip files? You can use the below commands to uncompress or decompress the files and folders using the below linux command. # tar -zxvf filename.tar.gz (=tape archiver) Untar a tarred and compressed tarball (*.tar.gz or *.tgz) that you downloaded from the Internet.   ..

How to find busy device

Locate the busy driver

When you are trying to unmount a device drive, but it keep saying that your system or drive is busy. # lsof +D /mnt/drive-name This will return the command and process ID of any tasks that is currently accessing the /mnt/drive-name directory. By finding the Process-ID you can either  ..

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