Recover from corrupted boot image

Recover kernal panic caused of boot image

While booting system, you saw some error and stop the boot process by displaying some error messages. Kernel Panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init! And no further boot process. What you will do to boot the system Before following these steps try to make a backup of your grub.conf file 1) Boot  ..

How to rebuild image mkinitrd

Rebuild sysimage in linux

how to rebuild sysimage in linux? As a linux admin you must know, how to rebuild the system image. To rebuild the system image you can follow the below steps. 1) Boot Linux from CD 2) You will get boot promt on screen. 3) Type linux rescue boot: linux rescue 4) Rescue mode  ..

How to check oracle db is there or not

Find the running oracle Database

How to check what are all oracle database present in the website or not? When you are not sure that the oracle Database is present in the server or not then you can check it the below commands. There are also other methods to check the server, the better way to  ..

Error unable to resolve label filesystem recovery

Recovery file system problem

How to recover from error label not found? How to recover from error unable to resolve label? Error Message fsck.ext3: Unable to resolve 'LABEL=/usrs' [FAILED] *** An error occurred during the file system check. *** Dropping you to a shell; the system will reboot *** when you leave the  ..

Create a user with user id uid

Add a user user by specifying UID

The useradd command is used to add a user Create a user with unique user id # useradd -m -d /home/jaiho -u 625 -c "jaiho" -s /bin/bash jaiho where, -u : specify the user-id, The user id must be unique and numerical value. -m : Create the users home directory if it  ..

Secure copy scp example

Scp multiple files in one time

What is scp? SCP stands for Secure copy, scp is a linux command which is used to copy files over ssh from one server to the other. scp allows files to be copied to, from, or between different hosts. It uses ssh for data transfer and provides the same authentication and  ..

How to set password for openoffice docs calc

Openoffice docs spread sheet password

Set password for openoffice Doc & sheets: Go to Tools Select Protect Document -> either Sheet or Document Type your Password -> ok   ..

Up2date command example

How to use up2date command

How can I use up2date command? How can I register the redhat machine using up2date command? The Redhat Enterprise Linux operating system gets update from RHN via Redhat Network Satellite/proxy servers (usually used by big hosting/ISPs or larget RHEL installation setups) to install critical and non-critical security updates as well as  ..

Step to setup wireless network

How to use wireless card in fedora

Below are some of the commands, which are used to set up a wireless network setup in linux machine or fedora. Follow the steps listed below to setup the linux network. Steps tobe followed: 1) Identify the chipset of the wireless device 2) Choose the right driver 3) Install the driver # lspci   ..

How to check lgtoclnt networker backup running

Check lgtoclnt nsr status using nsrwatch

The below is simple example to check the networker or lgtoclnt or nsr is running or not. # ps -ef | grep nsr OUTPUT: math 12326 1 0 2011 ? 00:00:09 /usr/sbin/nsrexecd math 26087 12345   ..

How to mount windows share in linux

Share windows on linux machine.

Normally we use samba to share the linux machine or linux share to windows. In general the mount command is used to mount the windows share under linux machine. Use the mount command to mount remote windows partition or windows share under Linux as follows. Steps to mount or remount windows  ..

A sample example of eth1 configuration

Backup server configuration a example

The below is a simple example of a eth card configuration in linux environment. This example can help you when you configure the network manually, The below are some of the important rules whcih has to be added in the configuration file. # cat /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ethx OUTPUT: # NetXen Incorporated NX3031 Multifunction 1/10-Gigabit Server  ..

Svn command line client program

Subversion tools command line

svnversion A program for reporting the state (in terms of revisions of the items present) of a working copy svnlook A tool for directly inspecting a Subversion repository svnadmin A tool for creating, tweaking, or repairing a Subversion repository mod_dav_svn A plug-in module for the Apache HTTP Server, used to make your repository available to others over  ..

How to find linux server resource utilization

How to find idle state of linux server

How do I find resource, memory and high disk I/O usage in linux server? How can I find system resource utilization using vmstat command? vmstat command prints the information about processes, memory, paging, block IO, traps, and cpu activity. This is a common command used by linux system admin. Please note that  ..

Kill logout a user

Kill process owned by a user

kill porcess belong to a user using PKILL command The pkill command is used to kill all the process belongs to a particular user. Consider that some user is consuming more cpu resource and as a system admin you want to stop the user from consuming more CPU resource and make  ..

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