Health - What makes you sick, Acute or Constructive Sickness

What makes you sick

Sickness is really a call - a signal from within the cells of our body. Sickness is our body's way of telling us, that "stop-listen-and take a break")

There are two kinds of sickness.

Such as colds, coughs, fevers, vomiting, diaoherra, rashes, itches, poxes, measles. These illnesses are the body's attempt to cleanse itself. To throw away the toxins in an intensive, healing manner. Normally, the body gets rid of its toxins and wastes through the eliminatory systems. But, when the toxic overload is too much, the body diverts these toxins to some other organs that can handle it. It is ironical really, that what is infect an effort at cleansing and healing - we have come to regard as illness and disease.

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