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Five types of radish

There are five main RADISHES varieties of radishes.

Red Globe
This variety is the most popular in the United States and is the familiar looking red and white radish. It is small, round or oval shaped, sometimes referred to as "button" red radishes. They range in diameter from one to four inches (most commonly closer to one inch) and have a solid, crisp, flesh. Available year-round.

This variety is turnip-like in size and shape, approximately eight inches long. Black radishes have a dull black or dark brown skin. When peeled, their flesh is white, quite pungent, and drier than other radishes. Black radishes have a longer shelf-life than most radishes, so they are available year-round, although the crop peaks in winter and early spring.

This variety is native to Asia. They are very large, carrot-shaped radishes that are up to 18 inches long and weigh one to two pounds. Daikons have a white flesh that is juicy and a bit hotter than a red radish, but milder than black. Available year-round, but are most flavorful in fall and winter.

White Icicles
This variety is long, up to a half foot, and tapered. They have a white flesh that is milder than the red variety. Generally available year-round.

California Mammoth White
A larger variety than the white icicle, these radishes have oblong-shaped roots about eight inches long. Their flesh is slightly pungent. Generally available year-round.

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