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Travel check list

The below are some of the travel check list which you have to take care before you travel abroad / domestic.

General things to collect
1) Plastic Hangers (10),
2) Slippers/Sandals (to be used at home)
3) Formal shoes, casual shoes (sneakers)
4) Formal belt, casual belt.
5) Formal trousers
6) Formal shirts,
7) Ties (in case if u need)
8) Couple of jeans
9) T-shirts
10) Inner wears (7 pairs)
11) Socks (4-5 pairs) (fyi, sports shoes not allowed in discos)
12) Thermal wear
13) <b>Medicines</b>
14) Towels
15) Night dresses (tracks and t-shirts)
16) Hand kerchiefs
17) Comb
18) Perfumes
19) Deodorants
20) Vaseline lip guard
21) Oil (for your hair)
22) Soaps (say 5-6)
23) Nail cutter
24) Shampoo
25) Brush, Toothpaste
26) USB Memory card
27) Watch
28) Razor, Shaving cream, scissor
29) Shades (Cooling glasses)
30) Umbrella
31) Stationaries (like rubberband, stapler, scissors, pen, pencil, cello tape)
32) Iron box
33) Sewing kit (needles, thread, buttons, safety-pin etc), if needed

Kitchener Items
1) dhall powder, rasam, sambhar, tamarind podi, rice
2) plate, micro- ovanable bowls, salt, sugar
3) Maggi packets
4) Tupperware Lunch-box
5) Water Bottle
Travel (hand baggage)
1) Passport
2) Flight tickets
3) Copies of marriage certificate
4) Travel & Medical Insurance
5) Local currency/Forex
6) Mobile & Mobile charger (buy India-UK adapter)
7) Work permit letter(Xerox)
8) Driving license
9) Hotel address
10) Just carry the international credit card from which u can easily make the payment through online. Don't carry all ur credit cards, just carry one credit & debit card.
11) Make sure u carry all ur internet pins, passwords, phone banking numbers, & all other emergency numbers with you in your purse. It will be easy for you to track everything.
12) Sweater
13) Gloves
14) Jacket (jerkins)
15) A full set of change over dress + night dress (in-case if baggage gets lost)
16) Inner wears and handkerchief
17) Water bottle

Carry all your important documents well-arranged in one folder in hand baggage
Make 3 copies of all the documents. Leave 1 copy at home(to your parents) and carry 2 copies with you.
Hand over couple of signed cheques to dad...

Hope the above travel check list will hep you prepare for your travel. I was travelling for official purpose or long term and this travel check list was very handy, I would have missed some thing which might be necessary, If you find any thing missing in the travel check list, please mention so that the travel check list will be helpful for others those who travel.

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