How to block popup ads

Block popup ads

Block/ Stop Pop Up Adverts on Firefox and IE Blocking Pop-ups on Firefox: Step 1 Open a Firefox browser window to your home page or any default page that does not have a pop-up or a lot of graphical information, such as the Google search engine. Step 2 Open the "Tools" tab at the top  ..

Error 403 forbidden

Error 403 Forbidden

Why does my website just say "Error 403 Forbidden" There are several scenarios which cause a 403 error response from our webservers. When a 403 response is generated, access to the requested file is not allowed for one or more reasons. Some of the possible reasons for the Error 403 response are: 1  ..

Htaccess redirect regular expression

Mod_rewrite rules

Htaccess mod rewrite regular expression The below are some of the mod_redirect functions which are used in common. If you understand the regular expression well the you can become a better programmer. Regex Character Definitions for htaccess [ ^ ] # the # instructs the server to ignore the line. used  ..

How system activity recording or sar works

How Sar Command Functions

How Sar Command Functions How System activity recording or sar works System activity recording is disabled by default on your system. If you wish to enable it, log in as root, enter the command /usr/lib/sa/sar_enable -y, then shut down and reboot the system. See sar_enable(ADM) for more information. Once system activity recording has  ..

How to block search engines indexing your web site

Stop search engine

Preventing search engines indexing every directory under public_html. Create a empty .htaccess file in your public_html directory or you can create a file named robots.txt under public_html directory and add the entries given below User-agent: * Disallow: / Note: This will all block the search engine from indexing your website.   ..

How to enable cgi access outside cgi bin folder

Execute perl script outside cgi-bin folder

CGI ACCESS OUTSIDE CGI-BIN FOLDER If you like to add cgi or perl script outside the cgi-bin folder then try to add the below in .htaccess file. Options +ExecCGI AddHandler cgi-script .cgi By default cgi and perl files are supposed to be run from cgi-bin directory . If you need to run cgi or  ..

Error this site is currently in an inconsistent state

Error this site is currently in an inconsistent state

Error "This site is currently in an inconsistent state" If you get the error this site is currently in an inconsistent state error while access this domain for activate or deactivate. You can resolve this by the following way. 1. Move corresponding domain zone file and named entry in /etc/bind.conf.wp file. 2.  ..

Domain registrar status definition

Domain Registration Status Definitions

Domain Registrar Status Definition's ACTIVE This is the default status of a domain at registration time. The registry sets the domain to this status. The domain is modifiable by the registrar. The domain can be renewed. The domain SHALL be included in the zone file when in this status if the domain  ..

How to configure ms outlook express

Setup offline email client

Steps to configure Outlook Express Many time's my friends make some simple mistakes while they configure outlook express. while configuring or setting up your offline email client don't miss to give proper POP3 and SMTP settings. 1. Open Outlook Express -> Click on Tools 2. Select Accounts -> Click on ADD -> Select  ..

Fatal error call to undefined function curl init

Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in curl.php on line 7

php error message call to undefined function If you receive the below error message while executing the curl script then make sure that you have enabled the curl module in php.ini file. Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in D:\xampp\htdocs\curl.php on line 6 If you get the above error then follow the  ..

Connection error browser error

Http connceting errors

http Connection Errors The hhtp connection error occurs when the web web connection fail's to establish connection to the web server. They have the format of N/A as the response code and a brief description of why a connection could not be established as the response message. The web browser returs  ..

Redirect web page with out www

Redirect page from www.w3calculator.com to w3calculator.com

Redirect a page with or without www A web page can be redirected to any domains you wish. If you wish to redirect your domain without www in front on your domain name, then you can use the following example. RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.w3calculator.com$ RewriteRule ^([0-9a-z]+)$ http://w3calculator.com/$1 [L,R=301] In the above example the  ..

Directives list

Apache Directives

These are the some of the apache directives, Sure I dont know about all these apache directives I have used only 2 or 3 directives. These directives determine the way apache functions and handles requests. - AcceptFilter - AcceptMutex - AcceptPathInfo - AccessFileName - Action - AddAlt - AddAltByEncoding - AddAltByType - AddCharset - AddDefaultCharset - AddDescription - AddEncoding - AddHandler - AddIcon - AddIconByEncoding -  ..

Simple tips to htaccess mod redirect

Mod redirect options

ModRewrite Cheat Sheet The following are the some of the rules which are used to redirect the webpage. These cheat sheet has some simple rules which are SEO friendly. Regex Character Definitions for htaccess2 [ ^ ] # the # instructs the server to ignore the line. used for including comments. each  ..

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